How to get involved in the Big Breeze Bike Ride

Simply ask a female, friend, colleague or family member to join you on a bike ride or go on a ride by yourself. You can go anywhere at any time during the weekend of 23 & 24 June. All Breeze ask is that you enjoy yourself and tell them about it!

How to tell Breeze about your ride?

For more information on setting up or joining a Big Breeze Bike Ride, check out the app on our Facebook page.  You’ll also find lots of ideas, tips and inspiring stories.

Breeze would love to hear about your ride and the facebook app will help you upload your ride and tell them about it afterwards. If you don’t want to share your ride with everyone you can chose the private option. Breeze ask for you to share your ride to inspire women across the country and London to get on their bikes

Reasons to cycle:

  •  It’s cheaper than therapy – Breeze network cyclists regularly report increased levels of happiness
  • You can finally buy those Louboutins – cycling can save you an average of £500 / year compared with driving or taking public transport (and your legs will look great too)
  •  It’s more fun than getting your injections – regular cyclists take around a day and a half fewer sick days every year than their non-cycling counterparts
  •  Cake tastes really good – an eight mile Breeze bike ride uses an average 400 calories which is almost enough to burn off a second slice of Victoria sponge 

And counter the trend:

  • The number of women cycling once per week has decreased by over 35,000 in the last three years
  • Only 2% of the female population cycle once a week compared to 6% of men
  • Compared to October 2008 when 506,400 women cycled once a week the figure currently stands at 470,600, representing a 7% decrease in participation
  • Over the same period of time the number of men cycling once a week increased by 8% from 1,260,700 to 1,364,200

From Female Participation in Cycling (Sport England ’s Active People Survey 4&5)


 Lots of more interesting information on women cyclists at Breeze.